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Dayz of Fantazy

2009-09-30 00:20:38 by AwesomeDave

Dayz of Fantazy is my take on an old-fashioned top-down RPG. By using a variety of visual effects, I hope to create a unique free-roaming environment for the player in the vein of Final Fantasy or The Legend of Zelda.
Visually styled so as to appear to be an old Game Boy game, the graphics are largely gray-scale. Color is used occasionally to produce a more eye-popping effect. By choosing to develop this is in gray-scale, mixing 8-bit characters with higher-detail maps, I feel that I am adding a dreamy noir-like quality that I like very much.
As I carry on, I find that the tone of the work overall is very dark, a bit twisted, and I like that.

On this page I'll keep a development log for the game as things go in order to stay inspired.
check out my site for more screenshots and to playtest as development goes on.
12/2/09 - I've learned a lot of AS so far, and based on that I need to redo the entire overworld system. Make it more...dynamic in terms of how things load. It was getting crazy and muddy.
Thankfully the battle system is easier to work on, taking inspiration from games like the old red/blue Pokemon and Dragon Warrior. It is fairly easy to load a random enemy, implement character stats, consider equipment and items, make a flee option...the tough part was getting a highlighting cursor to hover over and activate one of these options via button-push. Don't want a mouse-click, EVER, because then the player is reminded they're using a computer.

George Harrison has been great music for this work.

9/29/09 - Stayed up two days straight coding and testing collision detection, NPC's, layered maps (to simulate 3-D). Also ripped maps, began writing story, and studied up on a lot of AS2. Then I slept.
This evening I began seperating the first outdoor map into sections, couldn't get player past the first two screens once he left his home (inside>outside>forest1>forest2). "Forest1" frame has function to either go to "forest2" or "outsidehome" depending on which part of the map the player touched. For the life of me I can't get past Forest1.

I think I should start to work on battles for awhile, after I sleep...haha...

Dayz of Fantazy